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AATI designed this program to train students for an entry-level position in the competitive automotive industry. The objective is to provide essential training in both the theory and servicing of today’s automotive systems and components.

Total Program Clock Hours: 620 Length of Time: 39 weeks Graduation Requirements: Must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA and must complete the program within 1.5 times the normal length of this program. Upon completion of the entire program a diploma will be awarded. One (1) clock hour is equal to fifty (50) minutes. In order to obtain the licenses required by Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, students must pass the AATI or ASE Certification Exams. * Pre-requisite is required. For more program information contact us by email at:



It is the responsibility of the student to register prior to the deadline to take the desired certification exam. AATI certification exams are available electronically and manually. Should you want to register to take the exam electronically, please stop by the front desk to register and to make an appointment. Electronic certification exams are available every week, during the day, and are based on availability.