Congratulations you have been hired and now you are a new AATI team member.For a smooth hiring transition, please follow the instructions below. Prior to your first day of employment, please submitted to the Corporate Affairs Manager the documents listed below. All documents need to be filled out legibly and completely.Where notarization is needed, please have them notarize with a Florida Notary of choice or make an appointment with the Corporate Affairs Manager in order to sign the documents accordingly. In reference to the I-9 Form, original documents need to be provided to the Corporate Affairs Manager along with the form which needs to be completed and signed, copies will be made at such time, and originals will be returned. If you wish to have direct deposit, please bring a voided check when turning in your hiring documents to the Corporate Affairs Manager at extension 113. If you have any questions, please call the hiring supervisor or the Corporate Affairs Manager.

Employee Hiring Packet


"Our aim is to train, guide, and help motivate YOU to effectively make YOUR way into a challenging and rewarding automotive career."

  • We provide practical training and technical education in the field of Automotive Technology.
  • We are a friendly and professional.
  • Become an AATI Master Certified Technician.
  • We provide essential training in both the theory and servicing of today’s automotive systems and components.
  • We are here for you.


  • Do you offer financial aid?

    Yes. Our financial aid staff will work closely with you to explore all of the funding resources available.

  • What do I need to register?

    -Two forms of Identification; one must be a picture id and the other to establish that you live in the State of Florida.

  • What is the age requirement to enroll?

    Minimum of 16 years of age with parent consent.

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