Type of Exams

AATI certification exams are available electronically and written. Should you want to register to take the exam electronically, please stop by the front desk to register and make an appointment. Electronic certification exams are available every week, and are based on availability.

Automobile/Light Truck

AC1 Engine Repair
AC2 Engine Performance
AC3 Brakes
AC4 Suspension & Steering
AC5 Heating & Air Conditioning
AC6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
AC7 Automatic Trans/Trans Axle
AC8 Automatic Trans/Trans Axle

Collision: Automobile/Light Truck (Non-Mechanical)

BC9 Non-Structural Analysis
BC10 Painting and Refinishing
BC11 Structural Analysis

Medium & Hevy/Duty Trucks

TC12 Engine Repair ( Gasoline/Diesel
TC13 Drive Trains
TC14 Brakes & Braking Systems
TC15 Suspension & Steering Systems
TC16 Electrical/Electronic Systems

Written AATI Certification Exam Schedule

It is the responsibility of the student to register prior to the deadline to take the desired certification exam.

Exam Schedule

Exam Dates Last date to register
02-21-2020 01-31-2020
04-24-2020 04-03-2020
06-19-2020 05-29-2020
08-14-2020 07-24-2020
10-09-2020 09-18-2020
12-11-2020 11-20-2020


"Our aim is to train, guide, and help motivate YOU to effectively make YOUR way into a challenging and rewarding automotive career."

  • We provide practical training and technical education in the field of Automotive Technology.
  • We are a friendly and professional.
  • Become an AATI Master Certified Technician.
  • We provide essential training in both the theory and servicing of today’s automotive systems and components.
  • We are here for you.


  • Do you offer financial aid?

    Yes. Our financial aid staff will work closely with you to explore all of the funding resources available.

  • What do I need to register?

    -Two forms of Identification; one must be a picture id and the other to establish that you live in the State of Florida.

  • what is the age requirement age to enroll?

    The Minimum Age Requirement is 17 or older

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